2 Olives

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

WA Mission

Our mildest variety of Olives, which has a smooth buttery taste with a slight hint of pepper.
250ml $15.50/500ml $20.50/750ml $25.50


A strong variety of Olive, quite peppery with a bitter after taste.
250ml $15.50/500ml $20.50/750ml $25.50

Stainless Steel Cans

Purchase our Extra Virgin Olive Oil in bulk at $13.50 per litre in one of our attractive stainless-steel cans, not only more economical but also zero-waste so environmentally friendly.

The smallest can we sell is a 5 litre can (most popular for couples or families) is $120.00 just for the can. Where as the biggest can we sell is a 30 litre (preferred size for chefs in a busy restaurant or winery) is $247.50 just for the can. Once the can is empty, the dirty one is returned to us and we will swap it for a clean, sterilised can, refilled at $13.50 per litre

Olive Oils Bulk

Bulk EVOO purchased in our stainless steel cans (minimum order 5L) $13.50 per litre

Bulk EVOO purchased in your own container (no plastic) $15.50 per litre

Fused Oils Basil
Burner 2
Fused Oils Garlic
Fused Oils Lemon
Fused Oils Orange
Fused Olive Oil All

Fused Olive Oil

These agrumato or fused olive oils are produced by simultaneously crushing fruits, vegetables or herbs grown on our farm with our hand-picked olives.


Rosemary - 250ml $17.50/500ml $23.00

Basil - 250ml $17.50/500ml $23.00

Lemon - 250ml $17.50/500ml $23.00

Orange - 250ml $17.50/500ml $23.00

Garlic - 250ml $17.50/500ml $23.00

Chilli - 250ml $17.50/500ml $23.00

Whirlwind Burner (5 different varieities of hot chilli) - 250ml $17.50/500ml $23.00

Fused Oils Chilli
Fused Oils Rosemary


A blend of nuts and spices.  We have 3 varieties :

  • Mediterranean Dukkah - 100g/$11.50
  • Mellow Dukkah - 100g/$11.50
  • Chilli Dukkah - 100g/$11.50

Caramalised Balsamic Vinegar - 250ml/$17.00

Cherry Balsamic Vinegar - 250ml/$17.00

Macadmaia Nuts
Grown here on the farm and sold in their shell - 1kg/$12.00

We have 2 varieties, both available during Christmas season:

  • Tapenade Sweet  - 100g/$11.50
  • Tapenade Traditional  - 100g/$11.50

2 Olives
2 Olives
Olives 2


Kalamata in Brine - Hand picked at a mix of ripeness, a fruity olive - $7.00 small /$12.00 large

Californian Queens in Brine - Hand picked before turning ripe, a crunchy olive - small $7.00/$12.00 large

Lemon fused olive oil marinated Californian queen olives – 250g/$8.00

Sweet Chilli sauce and mild chilli fused olive oil marinated kalamata or Californian queen olives – 250g/$8.00

Hot Chilli Whirlwind burner fused olive oil marinated kalamata or Californian queen olives – 250g/$8.00

Accessories & Giftware

Oil pourer $4.00
Oil/Vinegar Bottle $14.95
Oil Bottle $8.00
Stainless Steel Cruet $39.50
Copper Finish Cruet $43.50